Deal Flow Platform

The TravelStartups.NET Deal Flow Platform matches ground breaking travel technology with corporate travel companies and investors.
TravelStartups.NET part of the (TSI) family, establishes a networking environment to facilitate business development and investment deals to help our portfolio and advisory clients grow. We focus on executing the following deals on the platform.
  • Pilots and testing of startups technology with corporate travel companies.
  • Commercialization of technology through API licensing and distribution and technology sales.
  • Investment in startups by incubators, accelerators, corporate venture arms, angel investors and venture capital.
  • Acquisitions of startup technology companies by corporate travel companies.
The goal is for meaningful business deals to take place with greater scale and efficiency by leveraging our network and making sure everyone on the platform is committed and ready to do business.
As a travel startup you know how difficult it can be to engage with corporate innovation teams and investors. Not only do you have to find the right person inside these large companies but you have to engage with them and sometimes wait days to months to get a response. TravelStartups.NET core value for travel tech companies is we can introduce you to the right people much quicker than you can and we can get a response much quicker saving you time.
As a corporate travel company or investor you know how difficult it can be finding companies that meet your innovation objectives and or investment criteria. TravelStartups.NET core value for corporates and investors is that we vet and represent the most innovative new technologies entering the travel industry, making sure they are prepared and ready to do business.

For Travel Tech Companies

Summary of Benefits

  Technology representation for piloting and testing and selling commercial agreements.

 • Receive introductions for your technology to the top global travel executives. 

Introductions of your investment opportunity to investors that invest in early stage travel technology.

Annual Program


For Corporates & Investors


Summary of Benefits

 • Widen your net while creating a more targeted pipeline of travel technology that meets your innovation and investment goals.

 •  Supplement your team’s resources with a streamlined process for engaging and evaluating new technologies.

 •  Generate qualified leads and spend less time in conversations that do not prove to be fruitful.

 • Annual Program


Startup Testimonials

TSI has given us practically instant access to a network of advisors, peers, partners, customers, and potential investors that we could not have built on our own. The TSI team is always available to help, and we have benefited greatly from their experience in navigating the travel industry. The VISIT FLORIDA Digital Innovation Forum also provided us with actionable feedback and valuable new connections. Bala Chandran

Co-Founder & CEO, flightsayer

The TSI team did an amazing job orchestrating my experience at the VISIT FLORIDA Digital Innovation Forum. The event provided Neirbi with excellent exposure and feedback in a friendly “shark tank” style presentation, concluding at a cocktail reception where we were able to run demos for attendees. The whole experience was a productive and efficient way for me to engage travel industry executives who have a high likelihood of being interested in Neirbi. Ryan Duques

Co-Founder, Neirbi

Travel Startups Incubator has given Adventure Bucket List access to a wide array of partnerships and clients across the travel vertical. The TSI team continually plays an active roll in the strategy, planning, fundraising and business development of ABL.

Ryan Stobie

Co-Founder & CEO, Adventure Bucket List

Partner Testimonials

As a virtual and global incubator partner of Amadeus for Startups, Travel Startups Incubator has supported and helped us grow our program since we launched. As their technology partner of choice, we leverage our program components to support the unique startups they fund. They have been an amazing partner to Amadeus for Startups and we continue to benefit from their insights, expertise, and network of advisors, investors and travel professionals. Kerri Zeil

Head of Amadeus for Startups, Amadeus

“It was a pleasure working with Travel Startups Incubator, and even more wonderful that they are a Florida based company. They brought eleven innovative technology companies who presented in a rapid-fire format which was the perfect fit for our inaugural Digital Innovation Forum. We look forward to working with them again for future events.” Becca Smith

Digital Strategy Manager, VISIT FLORIDA

We partnered with Travel Startups Incubator (TSI) to accelerate our access to travel tech innovation and ensure we could transform and quickly iterate the local travel experience. An ambitious goal that couldn't be served by a single solution but required a broader industry perspective across many experience touch points to create a "Smart Destination". With TSI as a key partner, we were able to identify and establish strategic relationships with innovative companies building up critical parts of our “experience" ecosystem. This led to an initiative with Adventure Bucket List to create a unified booking platform for small hospitality and activities solving a critical gap in the discovery and promotion of local services. Thierry Lehartel

CEO, Tahiti Innovation Labs